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Custom Software Development

Is your business generic? Can a one-size-fits-all solution work for your organization?

Most companies have processes unique to them - this is what defines their competitive edge. So, why not get a customized solution, designed with your specific goals in mind? The custom solutions division of elixir international couldn't agree more.

While application development is the backbone of many software organizations, we are experts at delivering custom software solutions with a strong history of consistently exceeding expectations and meeting or beating the budget. We will work with you every step of the way - from concept to deployment and support - to ensure a smooth implementation. Custom Software

EAI: Enterprise Application Integration

Sometimes our partners do not need a new application; rather, they need us to help integrate multiple existing systems. elixir international has stepped up to this challenge. We learn the nuances of the applications in question and design the optimal way to make them interact with one another. Some solutions are simpler than others, but ultimately, regardless of complexity, we make it happen.


Need to convert your legacy Cobol application to C#? elixir international can work with many organizations to complete tasks such as these. With conversion projects we attempt to minimize outage times, which in turn results in a smooth transition. Different organizations have different requirements, from minimal transition to maximum code clean-up. We work with what the organization desires, as well as working with the organization to determine what they really need. Our goal is always to provide the best services and product possible to our partners.


At elixir international, we are aware that different applications require various levels of maintenance and support. In most circumstances, this level of support is directly proportional to the age, complexity, and use of the system. Because we are cognizant of these parameters, we attempt to cater maintenance support to what our clients need and want. There is never a cookie-cutter solution with elixir international.



With a competent internal technology department, it may not be advisable to bring in a vendor to create a new application. However, it could be invaluable to bring elixir international in to help develop the high-level architecture and design schema. This choice allows for internal flexibility, while ensuring that the overall solution design is up-to-date as well as technologically strong.



When migrating your team members to a new application or operating system, there usually needs to be some level of training. These needs can range from minimal to extreme depending on the familiarity of the team with the new product in question. We can work with an organization's training or HR department, or we can lead this process independently. Proper training is crucial to maximize productivity and to flatten the overall learning curve.

Rescue Missions

Caught in a never-ending software project? Spiraling costs, inflationary scope, or stuck with a half-baked software package that just doesn't work?

elixir international can step into a "completion expert" role; internally, we refer to such heroic efforts in software development as rescue missions! This is rarely a simple task, but the need for firms that can handle such rescues is very real.

In rescue missions, our first task involves identifying and sequencing priorities with key stakeholders to determine the most achievable path to completion. Once these priorities are defined, we drive the process until successful implementation. Mission accomplished.

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