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elixir international was founded on three simple principles: eliminate waste, simplify solutions, and help people. Each principle was specific and unique.

(a) Eliminate waste. This principle is embodied in our corporate vision of a greener more efficient world through innovative software solutions. Our vision drives us to relentlessly pursue new ideas, to push the creative envelope in implementing software solutions that reduce waste - time, money, and natural resources - and enhance operational efficiency.

(b) Simplify solutions. This doesn't mean that we aim to provide our clients with a bare bones product. The idea here is to provide a solution that is easy to use and ideal for their specific business needs. And our philosophy here is not just skin-deep, it runs at within the very fabric of our products. Clients generally don't get under the hood of a software solution, but if they did, there is a good chance they would find that most systems are made up of overly complicated and unnecessarily cluttered code. Our products, on the other hand, are straight-forward and streamlined down to every byte of code.

(c) Help people. That may sound silly in today's day and age, but nonetheless forms a key driver of our company ethos. As the economy goes through its ups and downs, it takes a toll in terms of marginalizing people. At elixir international, we continue to proactively help and contribute to society whether it is by providing internships - real internships with intense skills development - or by doing our part to end global poverty with our commitment to Partnerships In Action.

These simple principles, when packaged together and put into practice, result into a team that is dynamic, technologically strong, and willing to do what it takes to provide you with the optimal solution for your specific business. It should come as no surprise then that more times than not, our clients become our friends.

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Our Vision

We see... a greener, healthier, and more efficient world
through innovative STEAM-driven solutions.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Partner with our clients in augmenting
their competitive edge by providing them
with cost-, user-, and eco- friendly solutions
built upon a thorough understanding
of their business needs and of the
broader industry and socio-economic trends.

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